AQUARISTA the next generation of fish tank simulation


AQUARISTA is a fish tank simulator game under concept Protect-Collect-Earn based on one of the most popular video games of the 2000s.


Feed and protect all the magical aquatic creatures from the malevolent Aliens. If you believe you have what it takes to protect Aquarista’s creatures and battle off those terrible Aliens, come and join the fight to retire peace to Aquarista and get reward.

Protect Collect Earn

Feed fish

Decorating aquarium

Combat aliens

Collecting token

Arcade and treasure


Obtain a fish from buying a pack from Atomic Hub

You can purchase a pet, which are “Seahorse” and “Snail”

Release your fish into the realm (20 maximum). They will start the game and swim to earn. Collect the coins that drop from the fish.

If your fish change their status to hungry level, coins will no longer drop. If your fish are hungry for too long, the fish will die and you have to revive them.


From the coins that are dropped by your fish in the realm

Participating in competition events

Community events

Community airdrop

Reward from arcade mode and treasure mode